Panda Pillow Talk: Vocal Analysis of Captive Pandas Helps Zoologists Understand Breeding Habits

For years scientists have pondered, do pandas tell each other when they’re in the mood for love? Now, we know.

In an attempt to improve captive breeding of the endangered species, researchers took a stab at decoding panda pillow talk. After analyzing the vocalizations of 23 captive pandas, they had a definitive answer: pandas let each other know when they are down to clown.

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Tiny Doctors: Cleaner Shrimp Heal Wounds and Aid in Sustainable Fish Production

Throw out the antibiotics and bring in the shrimp! In a recent study, researchers at the Center for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture found cleaner shrimp to be an effective biologic control in preventing parasitic infestations in farm-raised fish.

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