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DisciplineTechnical TermAlternative meaningWhat it really means
Atmospheric Sciencesaerosolwhipped cream or hair spray cantiny particle that's suspended in the atmosphere
Atmospheric Sciencesbara place where one goes to grab a drinka measurement unit for atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric Sciencesbomb cyclonesomething scarya low-pressure system in which the pressure drops very rapidly
Chemistrybondmaking a connection with a personattraction between two atoms to make up a molecule
Atmospheric Sciencesbuoyanthappyair that rises because it's less dense than its surroundings
Atmospheric Sciencesclimateweatherstatistics of weather taken over a long time (30-40 years)
Microbiologycolonyregion or a territorygroup of microbes growing at a particular spot or location
Atmospheric SciencesconservativeRepublicandescribes a process that conserves some important quantity (usually energy)
Interdisciplinarycorecentera vertical sample drilled into an ice or rock bed in order to infer how some quantity has changed over time
Interdisciplinarycycling/cycleriding a bicyclemovement of nutrients or elements through the environment
Interdisciplinarydampsoggyto decay over time
Geosciencedatingmeeting a person that you are starting a relationship withdetermining the age of an artifact
Interdisciplinaryderivativecopied off something elserate of change
Atmospheric Scienceseasterly/westerlypeople usually assume it means the opposite of -->easterly = wind FROM east, flowing TO west; westerly = wind FROM west, flowing TO east
Atmos Sciences/Hurricaneseyea person's eyethe clear, calm center of a hurricane
Geosciencefaultresponsible for an incidenta fracture in a rock that results from an earthquake
Soil Sciencehorizonthe line that forms the apparent boundary between sky and earthsoil layer with distinct properties
Interdisciplinaryidealizedsomeone's idea of perfectionsimplified in order to focus on X process
Interdisciplinaryintegralindispensable componentsum over all the parts
Atmospheric Science es/Hurricanesintensitybeing very focused/overwhelmingmaximum wind speed
Atmospheric Sciencesinversionoppositewhen temperature increases with height
Atmospheric Sciencesjetairplanevery strong and narrow stream of wind
Atmospheric Sciencesknotlike your shoelacesa unit for measuring wind speed (comes from "nautical miles per hour")
Interdisciplinarymicrowavetoaster thing to heat up foodvery low-energy form of radiation
Interdisciplinarymodeling/modeldisplay of clothing or other objectssimulation using computers
Interdisciplinarypoola swimming poola part of the ecosystem that holds some portion of an element, eg forests are a large carbon pool
Interdisciplinarypositive feedback (loop)a benefitenhancement of an effect or process by its own influence that can lead to problems
Ecologyregenerationrenewal or revivalreplacement of a mature individual by an individual of the same species
Atmospheric Sciencesridgemountainhigh-pressure system commonly associated with clear skies and warmth
Interdisciplinarysinka kitchen or bathroom sinka part of the ecosystem that collects pollutants or nutrients, e.g. soil
Atmospheric Sciencessoundingeg, to sound the alarma measurement of how temperature and wind speed change with altitude
Atmospheric Sciencestroughwater containerlow-pressure system commonly associated with cold weather and rain
Interdisciplinaryscenarioa description of possible events, or a description of the story of a movie, play, or other performanceplausible future events
Agricultural Sciencesyieldto give way or bend under force; give way to arguments, demands, or pressure.produce or supply
Interdisciplinary, Ecologybiodiversitybiological diversity in an environment as indicated by numbers of different species of plants and animals
Ecology, Medicineendemicbelonging exclusively or confined to a particular place


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