envirobites is starting soon!

Welcome to envirobites! Starting Wednesday August 2, 2017 we will start publishing short posts about the latest environmental science studies roughly 3 timer per week. The writers for envirobites are science professionals that take pride in their work and want to share their interests with you. We hope to cover a breadth of topics anything from Climate Change, to Arctic Pollution, Public Health, and Science in Cities. If there is something you think we are missing, please reach out to us.  If you want to get involved and write for envirobites, please get in touch here.

We hope that you enjoy our posts!

PS. If you like ocean sciences or astronomy, check out our sister sites oceanbites.org and astrobites.org.

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Laura Schifman

I earned my PhD from the University of Rhode Island in Environmental Science with a focus on Hydrology in 2014. I have a fascination for the urban environment and clean water. So, what better way to combine that than working in stormwater? Aside from the sciency stuff I enjoy torturing myself on long bike rides, playing volleyball or tennis, riding horses, making anything edible (I miss the lab work), or playing cards. Twitter: L_Schifman

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